The War Will (Never) End.

Experience is the best teacher, is quite a common and aged adage. However, when it comes to wars, it seemingly is a redundant saying, because wars have been around forever. Reflecting ancient history, kingdoms have waged wars to more territories, tribes have held raids for more resources and cynical colonialists advanced nations for both the prior reasons. It is likely that with more ingenious weapons generated , the human race could be entirely obliterated in the event of a nuclear third world war. Doesn’t this make evolution a mistake?

I won a “pacified lottery” like some of you reading this post when my fate pledged to never expose me to the adverse ire and wrath of a combat. But even though,it’s appalling to see young teenage girls, mothers or even toddlers get raped ruthlessly then mutilated in Pakistan. Then the younger boys and older men are forcefully and brutally conscripted into the war fronts in Somali. It’s worse to reflect in sixty-eight, the images of famine-stricken Biafra children who were afflicted by the war with footballs for bellies and skin stretched thin. Massive destruction of hard-earned properties,indispensable resources and precious lives are often the remnants of reckless redundant combats.

Weapons are attached to supremacy but with power comes responsibility,the art of which man has not leaned to master and exercise. The profound desires of more territories,resources have always been the forefront causes of wars but we can not overlook differences in religion, tribes, and races.

Annually,billions are amassed by governments and dispensed to the defence industries for generation of score of ingenious weapons. From guns to the more complex nuclear weapons , it’s is evident that the defence industry has played a supreme role in fuelling wars . And yet, they can not restrain themselves because they generate massive income and have provided a wide platform for employment opportunities.

Deep inside we all are brothers and sisters; we are all of the human race. But of course we do have differences; religious , cultural, wealth and colour. Which we ought to embrace because we don’t control the fate we are born into; especially our identity. For say, I’m black and not white, did I decide at birth to be so? For say I’m Muslim and not Christian did I decide to be born into a Muslim family? For say I’m poor and wealthy did I decide to be born into poverty? It’s okay to be who you are and practise what you do but it’s never okay to undermine someone else because they ain’t how you are. Many are times we live and forget that we are mortal, that we are bound to die and decay beyond recognition of our colour,religion or social background. That which we don’t control, we have don’t have authority either to label as better than .

Dear, a blog post wouldn’t decide whether wars will end or not. But individual resolute personal initiative will . The illusion of division is what is making us suffer egotism, self-interest , corruption and imposed religion. We should learn to appreciate differences and master effective communication. It’s time for us to wake up or we will annihilate ourselves soon.