Daily Prompt: Silhouette(destined for better)

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette

Coyly, I give an ear to ear grin,

I’ve been retrieved from the worst,

A dark staring silhouette of my past,

Roaming the streets, a slut!

Scantily dressed and smoking cigar,

Seductively, my voluptuous body,

Quickly lured men,

A survival.


Danger lurked ahead,

Infected, impregnated, cancerous,

Abruptly degraded ,

Shame shun me.


Enough ,

I had to end it!

A ceiling, rope,I had it all.

I pursed my desire,

But amidst,

The angel ,


My naked eyes saw Him,

“ A beautiful soul you are,

Do it not,

You are destined for better.”


My past hurts,

Grim silhouette images

But I know

I’m destined for better.IMG-20180122-WA0012




Vividly, I recall that when I was young and more coy. All chubby and bubbly cheeks coupled with a lovely smile…. My tongue had a slip.I was about five probably I’m not really sure, with a gap of missing incisors only the first upper two. They had been forcefully removed since they were milk teeth but majorly because they had been tarned brown by all the candy I devoured triggering painfully cavities. This was the time I had to also say the muber three…but I couldn’t deal with the diphthong… I said tree…I don’t why…but saying three was so kinda hard…. But never did I confuse tree with three. Anyway time ticked by and my permanent teeth grew.Then as if automatically I could say three.. No more three-tree confusion..it was though the fairy tooth had taken away the slip of my tongue.


IMG_20180124_105117Aligned tolerant thoughts of majority,
Term academics a necessity,
Sole path passively journeyed,
Out for poverty will be pummelled,
Believeth majority with ignorance.

Resources invested,
Accrue to billions,
Worthy future payments,
For higher learning.

Hefty ignorance overlooks,
Parent-child relations,
Mentality-soul well being,
Social-personal life,
Health -fitness
Of an innocent passive tolerant child.

Life revolving academics,
Books! Books! Books!
Cramming not learning ,
To elude canes of failure,
Pat on back:reward of success.

Thereafter in a child,
Reigns, social-withdrawal,
Tormenting depression,
Unfulfilled talents,
A life-half lived,
Silence bottles all,
To appease all,
With academic success.

Reluctance: higher education awaits,
Yet to appease,
Avoid condemnation,
Fulfill their desires ,
Forego your desires,
You go for it

Every penny, saving,
Accrued cash,
All resources
Papa gives out,
For the sake of your academics.

Dear Friend

Oh dear friend,
No one like you have I found
Among these people that have come my way
You are ever the best at the end of the day
I hold you with high regard as a treasure
That to me I can never measure
How much you are to me of worth.

So lovely yet so real
That to loose you is a big deal
So loyal yet without measure
For you give me no pressure
So trustworthy beyond words
Even to describe you I’m lost of words.

Dear friend
I’m very thankful you came in my life
And have helped me deal with this strife
The many burdens that I’ve had
You’ve shared them with no retard .

And my bundles of joy
Have been equally your moments of troy
You’ve seen me at my worst
And also at my best
In both you never left
You were there to help
All that I had to gulp.

I may not have been what you wanted
I know that
But I’ve tried my best just for us
So that we could never part
But we be closer every single day.

I took this time to let you know
That I cherish you more than snow
And the long that I will live you
Is more than the doves will tell you
For as long as the stars shine
For as long as the sea shall stay fine
Death and only death is what will part this love of mine
From this sweet lovely loyal friend of mine.

Imagine love dominates…….

via Daily Prompt: Dominant

Imagine love dominates,
There’d be zero inmates,
Due to no wrongs done.
But if wrongs were done,
They’d be sincere apologies,
Coupled with forgiving anthologies.

Imagine love dominates ,
No one would be homeless,
For we’d offer a shelter,
To those running skelter.

Imagine love dominates,
Terrorist groups will debilitate,
All will dwell as one,
No more will there be war,
Peace will then prevail,
More love will reign .

Imagine love dominates,
Tears will only be of joy,
Depression, sorrow will be coy,
For love is most powerful,
And needs to dominate.

The Cap

That estranged cap over there,
Deemed galactical not so mere,
Does enthrall men so much,
They’d rather forward lurch,
And loose it all but have it.

Through the backdoor to the owner,
They’d give more than a dollar,
They’d blind their fellow men,
They’d terminate resisting men,
In order to have the cap.

Unfortunately the cap is one,
But it is handed to the evil one,
And the good one looses it,
He who deserves it lays in defeat,
The cap lands in the wrong hands.

Turmoil,chaos then reign the land,
Bloodshed,loss of lives at hand,
Insecurity,poverty,economy fails,
The drastic effects of fraud,
Since the cap landed in wrong hands.

How do I look?

Its the modern,evolving world,
At face value,a complement can be earned,
At a quick glance,prejudice can be gained,
Ferocious competition is maintained,
Majority living to impress.

Social media offers a wide platform,
To show case variety of fake forms,
Girls so pretty flower Instagram,
Tons of makeup on their visages,
Bright red lips akin to blood sucking vamps,
Extended eyebrows bushy as the Khoisan bushmen,
Powdered face that dark skins,
All look pink.

Their poses,so seductive,
Revealing their mammary glands,
Yellow, bubby and pumpkin like,
Through which to achieve,
A surgery had to be incurred,
Or some other malpractice.

In videos,vixen sashay hips,
Twerk,bubble and drop,
In attempt to impress,
To increase the sale of the song,
Yet implants had to be fixed,
In their skin torn bottoms,
To have such looks.

A selfie here and there,
Upbringing the selfie stick,
To reveal the scanty seductive clad,
Or constantly changing hairstyle,
Poses with automobiles,
In first class hotels,
Dinning on sumptuous meals,
Briefly….a show off!!!

Further on,the couples,
Smiley visages in pics,
Holding hands, smooching
Nothing the love birds deem private,
Yet behind the scenes,
Is horrific truth of their love tale.

Scarcity of employment they say,
Yet its fear of being labeled,
All want white collar jobs,
Luxury and wealth to come along,
But to begin from zero,
Is an impossibility,
For fear of being prejudiced against.

The sun forever shall set,
Life is too short to please,
Be natural and love yourself,
Live to express and not to impress,
For those who shall mind
the real you,
Don’t matter!!!
While those who don’t mind matter !!!