One second
Is all I need
To complete my revision
And be perfect indeed
For my exams.

One second
Is all I ask
Before my dusk
To tell my lover
How much I loved him.

One second
Is all I must surpass
Enough to pass
The previous record
And be the best athlete.

One second
Is all I desire
To say my last prayer
To the one who is higher
For my sins to be forgiven
And I may not go to hell.

One second
Is all I ask for
To catch my flight
Before it’s out of sight

One second
Is all I need
To teach my only child
Good morals and standards
Before the world becomes her teacher

One second
Is all you may give me
To tell the world
Time waits for no man


The gripping surge of hysteria
Running down the spine in mystery
To numb away all capability
And arouse sudden inability
Or shade vision with impossibility
Since gone is Leviathan fortitude

Great ambitions lay in a mantle of darkness
Under a powerful tyranny of fear
Dexterity dares not to tear
Rather man is enslaved by fear

A controlling monster it is
If you give up to it
A clever devil to rule
If you let you be fooled
A fearful life to get by
If you let not courage come by!.


Hear the pindrop silence
Thoughts far beyond trace
Coursing the mind tortuously
Bombarding hastily
Yet a prevalence of silence

A hefty hurt to heart
Cringing in pain
Feeling distressed
Everything messed
An attempt to loosen
To let it out
But silence reigns

You deserve it
Yeah, you know that
Yet,you dare not say a thing

Silence,a game of fear
No! Get a right gear
Out you ought to tear
All amidst your silence
Or else
In uglier ways
Your silence shall resurface
And haunt you!.