Its the modern,evolving world,
At face value,a complement can be earned,
At a quick glance,prejudice can be gained,
Ferocious competition is maintained,
Majority living to impress.

Social media offers a wide platform,
To show case variety of fake forms,
Girls so pretty flower Instagram,
Tons of makeup on their visages,
Bright red lips akin to blood sucking vamps,
Extended eyebrows bushy as the Khoisan bushmen,
Powdered face that dark skins,
All look pink.

Their poses,so seductive,
Revealing their mammary glands,
Yellow, bubby and pumpkin like,
Through which to achieve,
A surgery had to be incurred,
Or some other malpractice.

In videos,vixen sashay hips,
Twerk,bubble and drop,
In attempt to impress,
To increase the sale of the song,
Yet implants had to be fixed,
In their skin torn bottoms,
To have such looks.

A selfie here and there,
Upbringing the selfie stick,
To reveal the scanty seductive clad,
Or constantly changing hairstyle,
Poses with automobiles,
In first class hotels,
Dinning on sumptuous meals,
Briefly….a show off!!!

Further on,the couples,
Smiley visages in pics,
Holding hands, smooching
Nothing the love birds deem private,
Yet behind the scenes,
Is horrific truth of their love tale.

Scarcity of employment they say,
Yet its fear of being labeled,
All want white collar jobs,
Luxury and wealth to come along,
But to begin from zero,
Is an impossibility,
For fear of being prejudiced against.

The sun forever shall set,
Life is too short to please,
Be natural and love yourself,
Live to express and not to impress,
For those who shall mind
the real you,
Don’t matter!!!
While those who don’t mind matter !!!


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