Oh dear friend,
No one like you have I found
Among these people that have come my way
You are ever the best at the end of the day
I hold you with high regard as a treasure
That to me I can never measure
How much you are to me of worth.

So lovely yet so real
That to loose you is a big deal
So loyal yet without measure
For you give me no pressure
So trustworthy beyond words
Even to describe you I’m lost of words.

Dear friend
I’m very thankful you came in my life
And have helped me deal with this strife
The many burdens that I’ve had
You’ve shared them with no retard .

And my bundles of joy
Have been equally your moments of troy
You’ve seen me at my worst
And also at my best
In both you never left
You were there to help
All that I had to gulp.

I may not have been what you wanted
I know that
But I’ve tried my best just for us
So that we could never part
But we be closer every single day.

I took this time to let you know
That I cherish you more than snow
And the long that I will live you
Is more than the doves will tell you
For as long as the stars shine
For as long as the sea shall stay fine
Death and only death is what will part this love of mine
From this sweet lovely loyal friend of mine.


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