IMG_20180124_105117Aligned tolerant thoughts of majority,
Term academics a necessity,
Sole path passively journeyed,
Out for poverty will be pummelled,
Believeth majority with ignorance.

Resources invested,
Accrue to billions,
Worthy future payments,
For higher learning.

Hefty ignorance overlooks,
Parent-child relations,
Mentality-soul well being,
Social-personal life,
Health -fitness
Of an innocent passive tolerant child.

Life revolving academics,
Books! Books! Books!
Cramming not learning ,
To elude canes of failure,
Pat on back:reward of success.

Thereafter in a child,
Reigns, social-withdrawal,
Tormenting depression,
Unfulfilled talents,
A life-half lived,
Silence bottles all,
To appease all,
With academic success.

Reluctance: higher education awaits,
Yet to appease,
Avoid condemnation,
Fulfill their desires ,
Forego your desires,
You go for it

Every penny, saving,
Accrued cash,
All resources
Papa gives out,
For the sake of your academics.


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