via Daily Prompt: Silhouette

Coyly, I give an ear to ear grin,

I’ve been retrieved from the worst,

A dark staring silhouette of my past,

Roaming the streets, a slut!

Scantily dressed and smoking cigar,

Seductively, my voluptuous body,

Quickly lured men,

A survival.


Danger lurked ahead,

Infected, impregnated, cancerous,

Abruptly degraded ,

Shame shun me.


Enough ,

I had to end it!

A ceiling, rope,I had it all.

I pursed my desire,

But amidst,

The angel ,


My naked eyes saw Him,

“ A beautiful soul you are,

Do it not,

You are destined for better.”


My past hurts,

Grim silhouette images

But I know

I’m destined for better.IMG-20180122-WA0012